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The owner of the online shop (hereafter TalTech Mektory online shop), of the Tallinn University of Technology is the Tallinn University of Technology (registry code 74000323), located at Ehitajate tee 5, 19086, Tallinn.

Validity of the sales contract, information on goods and prices

The sales conditions are valid when purchasing goods from the TalTech Mektory online shop.

The prices of products sold in the TalTech Mektory online shop are recorded in Euros, next to the product and include value added tax. The cost for delivering the goods will be added to the price.

The fee for delivering the goods depends on the location of the buyer, as well as the method of delivery. The delivery fee will be displayed to the buyer, when placing the order.

The information about the goods is presented immediately by the goods, in the TalTech Mektory online shop.

Placing an order

The desired goods must be placed in the shopping cart, to order the goods. The required data fields must be filled in and the appropriate method of delivery selected, when placing the order. The amount payable will thereafter be displayed on the screen, which can be paid by invoice, as well as through a bank link.

The employee of the TalTech Mektory online shop, after the sales contract enters into force, i.e. after the payment of the invoice by the client, completes the order and forwards it to the logistics partner for delivery.

The buyer is informed at the first possible opportunity, if the ordered goods cannot be delivered, due to the end of the goods or for other reasons and the money paid is refunded (including delivery costs of the goods), without delay, but no later than within 14 days of sending the notification.

Orders are handled workdays 09.00-17.00.

Registering as a client

Registration is not mandatory, but makes the process of placing an order faster, for a loyal customer, as the mandatory fields are automatically filled, with data previously presented with registration.



Goods are delivered within Estonia. The delivery costs are borne by the buyer and the corresponding price information is displayed next to the delivery method.

It is also possible to pick up the goods purchased by yourself, starting from the workday after the purchase, from the TalTech Mektory gift shop Raja 15 (Mon-Fri 09:00-17:00)

Shipments within Estonia generally reach the destination designated by the buyer, within 3-7 workdays starting from the coming into force of the sales contract. The delivery to places outside of Estonia takes place within 30 calendar days. There is a right in exceptional cases to deliver the goods within up to 45 calendar days.

Withdrawal from the sales contract and return of goods

The buyer has the right to withdraw from the signed contract within 14 days after the order has been received.

The right of withdrawal is not applicable if the buyer is a legal person.

The ordered goods, in order to use the 14 day right of return, must not be used in other ways than required for being convinced of their nature, characteristics and functionality, as is similarly allowed for testing goods in a physical store. The TalTech Mektory online shop has the right, if the goods have been used for purposes other than those required for being convinced of their nature, characteristics and functionality or they have signs of use or wear, to reduce the payment to be refunded, according to the decrease in the value of the goods.

An application for the withdrawal from the purchase of the goods must be presented and sent to the e-mail address, at the latest within 14 days of receipt of the goods, in order to return the goods.

The costs of returning the goods are borne by the buyer, except in cases when the reason for the return is in the circumstances that the item to be returned does not conform with the order (for example, a wrong or defective item).

The buyer must return the goods within 14 days of presenting the application or provide proof that he/she has delivered the goods to the expediter of the goods, within the aforementioned period.

Goods purchased cannot be returned if the ordered product is a special order, taking into consideration the personal needs of the client or according to the conditions presented by the client.

The TalTech Mektory online shop will refund the buyer, all payments received from the buyer according to the contract, immediately upon receiving the to be returned goods, but not later than 14 days have passed from receiving the application for withdrawal.

The TalTech Mektory online shop may refuse to make refunds until it has received the item that is the subject of the contract or until the buyer has presented proof that he/she has sent back the item, depending on which takes place earlier.

The TalTech Mektory online shop is not obligated to refund to the consumer the expense, which exceeds the cost of the usual method of delivery, if the buyer has explicitly selected a method delivery, which is different from the usual, most economical way of delivery.

The TalTech Mektory online shop has the right to withdraw from the sales transaction and demand back from the buyer goods, if the price of the goods in the online store has been indicated, due to a mistake, significantly below the market value of the goods.

Right to present a claim

The TalTech Mektory online shop is responsible for the lack of conformity or defects, which were already existent at the moment of delivery of the item and which appear within up to two years, starting from when the goods were delivered to the buyer. It is assumed within the first six months of delivery of the item to the buyer that the defects were already existent at the time of delivery. It is the obligation of the TalTech Mektory  online shop to rebut the corresponding assumption.

The buyer has the right when defects appear, at the latest within two months to turn towards the TalTech Mektory online shop, by sending an e-mail to the address or calling: 620 3429

The TalTech Mektory online shop is not responsible for defects, which have occurred after the goods have been delivered to the buyer. The TalTech Mektory online shop will repair or replace goods of the TalTech Mektory online shop that have defects, if the goods purchased from the TalTech Mektory online shop have defects for which it is responsible. The TalTech Mektory online shop will refund to the buyer all payments, associated with the sales contract, if it is not possible to repair or replace the goods.

The TalTech Mektory online shop, within 15 days, will respond to the complaint presented by a consumer, in writing or in a form reproducible in writing.

Direct marketing and processing of personal data

The TalTech Mektory online shop uses the personal data entered by the buyer (including name, telephone number, address, e-mail address, bank details), only for processing the order and delivering the goods to the buyer. The TalTech Mektory online shop forwards the personal data, to the companies providing transport services, in order to deliver the goods.

The TalTech Mektory online shop sends newsletters and offers to the buyer, to the buyer's e-mail address, only if the buyer has expressed a desire to do so, by entering an e-mail address on the website and having given notice of his/her desire to receive direct mail messages.

The buyer has the possibility at any time to withdraw from offers and newsletters, sent to the e-mail by notifying us thereof, by means of an e-mail or following the directions in an e-mail containing offers.

Settlement of disputes

Complaints must be sent to the e-mail address or by calling 620 3429, if the buyer has complaints about the TalTech Mektory online shop: or if the buyer and the TalTech Mektory online shop are not capable of solving the dispute through an agreement, the buyer then has the possibility to turn towards the consumer dispute commission. It is possible to acquaint oneself with the conditions of the proceedings and present an application here.

It is in the competency of the consumer dispute commission to resolve disputes arising from the contract, signed between the buyer and the TalTech Mektory online shop. The review of the buyer's complaint by the commission is free of charge.

 The buyer can turn to the European Union consumer dispute platform.


Müügitingimused kehtivad TalTech Mektory e-poest kaupade ostmisel.

TalTech Mektory e-poes müüdavate toodete hinnad on märgitud toodete juurde eurodes ja sisaldavad käibemaksu.Hinnale lisandub tasu kauba kohale toimetamise eest.

Kauba kättetoimetamise tasu sõltub kliendi asukohast ning kättetoimetamise viisist. Kättetoimetamise tasu kuvatakse kliendile tellimuse vormistamisel.

Teave kauba kohta on esitatud TalTech Mektory e-poes vahetult kauba juures.

Tellimuse vormistamine

Kauba tellimiseks tuleb lisada soovitud tooted ostukorvi. Tellimuse vormistamiseks tuleb täita nõutud andmeväljad ning valida sobiv toodete kättesaamise viis. Seejärel kuvatakse ekraanile tasu suurus, mille saab tasuda nii arvega kui ka pangalingi kaudu.

Peale müügilepingu jõustumist, ehk kliendipoolset arve tasumist, komplekteerib TalTech Mektory e-poe töötaja tellimuse ning annab selle üle kohale toimetamiseks logistikapartneritele.

Kui tellitud kaupa ei ole võimalik tarnida seoses kauba lõppemisega või muul põhjusel, teavitatakse sellest klienti esimesel võimalusel ning tagastatakse tasutud raha (sealhulgas kauba kättetoimetamise kulud) viivitamata, kuid mitte hiljem kui 14 päeva jooksul teate saatmisest.

Tellimusi käsitletakse tööpäeviti kell 09.00-17.00.

Kliendiks registreerimine

Kliendiks registreerimine ei ole kohustuslik, kuid teeb korduva tellimuse vormistamise protsessi kiiremaks, kuna kohustuslikud väljad täidetakse automaatselt varem registreerimisel esitatud andmetega.


Kaupu saadetakse Eestisse. Kauba saatmiskulud kannab klient ning vastav hinnainfo on kuvatud saatmisviisi juures.

Ostetud kaubale on võimalik ka ise järele tulla, alates ostule järgnevasttööpäevast, TalTech Mektory meenete poodi, Raja tn 15, 12616 Tallinn (E-R 09:00 - 17:00).

Eestisisesed saadetised jõuavad üldjuhul kliendi määratud sihtpunkti 3-7 tööpäeva jooksul alates müügilepingu jõustumist. Väljaspool Eestit toimub kohale toimetamine 30 kalendripäeva jooksul. Erandlikel juhtumitel on õigus kaup kohale toimetada kuni 45 kalendripäeva jooksul.

Müügilepingust taganemine ja kauba tagastamine

Pärast tellimuse kättesaamist on kliendil õigus TalTech Mektory e-poes sõlmitud lepingust taganeda 14 päeva jooksul.

Taganemisõigus ei kohaldu, kui kliendiks on juriidiline isik.

14-päevase tagastamisõiguse kasutamiseks ei tohi tellitud kaupa kasutada muul viisil kui on vajalik kauba olemuses, omadustes ja toimimises veendumiseks viisil nagu see on lubatud kauba testimiseks füüsilises poes.

Kui kaupa on kasutatud muuks otstarbeks kui on vajalik kauba olemuses, omadustes ja toimimises veendumiseks või sellel on kasutamise või kulumise märke, on TalTech Mektory e- poel õigus alandada tagastatavat tasu vastavalt kauba väärtuse vähenemisele.

Kauba tagastamiseks tuleb esitada kauba ostmisest taganemise avaldus ning saata see e-posti aadressile hiljemalt 14 päeva jooksul kauba kättesaamisest.

Kauba tagastamise kulud kannab klient, välja arvatud juhul, kui tagastamise põhjus seisneb asjaolus, et tagastamisele kuuluv asi ei vasta tellitule (näiteks vale või defektiga asi).

Klient peab kauba tagastama avalduse esitamisele järgneva 14 päeva jooksul või esitama tõendi, et ta on eelnimetatud perioodi jooksul kauba üle andnud kauba vedajale.

Ostetud kaupa ei saa tagastada kui tellitud toode on eritellimus arvestades tellija isiklikke vajadusi või tellija poolt esitatud tingimuste kohaselt.

TalTech Mektory e-pood tagastab tagastatava kauba kättesaamisel kliendilele viivitamata, kuid mitte hiljem kui 14 päeva möödumisel arvates taganemisavalduse saamisest, kõik kliendilt lepingu alusel saadud tasud.

TalTech Mektory e-pood võib keelduda tagasimaksete tegemisest seni, kuni on lepingu esemeks oleva asja tagasi saanud või kuni klient on esitanud tõendid, et on asja tagasi saatnud, sõltuvalt sellest, kumb toimub varem.

Kui klient on sõnaselgelt valinud TalTech Mektory e-poe pakutud kõige odavamast tavapärasest asja kätte toimetamise viisist erineva kätte toimetamise viisi, ei pea TalTech Mektory e-pood tarbijale tagastama kulu, mis ületab tavapärase kätte toimetamise viisiga seotud kulu.

TalTech Mektory e-poel on õigus taganeda müügitehingust ning nõuda kliendilt tagasi kaup, kui kauba hind veebipoes on eksituse tõttu märgitud oluliselt alla kauba turuhinna.

Pretensiooni esitamise õigus TalTech Mektory e-pood vastutab kliendile müüdud kauba lepingutingimustele mittevastavuse või puuduse eest, mis oli olemas juba asja üleandmise hetkel ning mis ilmneb kuni kahe aasta jooksul alates kauba üleandmisest kliendile. Sellest esimese kuue kuu jooksul asja üleandmisest kliendile eeldatakse, et puudus oli olemas juba asja üleandmise ajal. Vastava eelduse ümberlükkamine on TalTech Mektory e-poe kohustus.

Kliendil on õigus puuduse ilmnemisel pöörduda hiljemalt kahe kuu jooksul TalTech Mektory epoe poole, saates e-kirja aadressile või helistades telefonil: 620 3429.

TalTech Mektory e-pood ei vastuta puuduste eest, mis on tekkinud pärast kauba üleandmist kliendile.

Kui TalTech Mektory e-poest ostetud kaubal on puudused, mille eest TalTech Mektory e-pood vastutab, parandab või asendab TalTech Mektory e-pood puudusega kauba.

Kui kaupa ei ole võimalik parandada ega asendada, tagastab TalTech Mektory e-pood kliendile kõik müügilepinguga kaasnenud tasud. TalTech Mektory e-pood vastab tarbija esitatud kaebusele kirjalikult või kirjalikku taasesitamist võimaldavas vormis 15 päeva jooksul.

Otseturustus ja isikuandmete töötlemine

TalTech Mektory e-pood kasutab kliendi poolt sisestatud isikuandmeid (sealhulgas nimi, telefoninumber, aadress, e-maili aadress, pangarekvisiidid) ainult tellimuse töötlemiseks ning kauba kliendile saatmiseks.

TalTech Mektory e-pood edastab isikuandmeid veoteenust pakkuvale ettevõtetele selleks, et kohale toimetada kaupa.

TalTech Mektory e-pood saadab kliendile uudiskirju ning pakkumisi kliendi e-maili aadressile ainult juhul, kui klient on selleks avaldanud soovi sisestades veebilehel e-kirja aadressi ning andnud teada oma soovist otsepostituse teadete saamiseks.

Kliendil on igal ajal võimalik loobuda e-postile saadetavatest pakkumistest ja uudiskirjadest andes sellest TalTech Mektory e-poe töötajale teada e-kirja teel või järgides pakkumisi sisaldava e-kirjas toodud juhiseid.

Vaidluste lahendamine

Kui kliendil on TalTech Mektory e-poe osas pretensioone, tuleb need saata e-kirja aadressile, helistada telefonil 620 3429 või kui klient ja TalTech Mektory epood ei suuda lahenda vaidlust kokkuleppe teel, siis on eraisikust kliendil võimalik pöörduda Tarbijavaidluste komisjoni poole.

Menetlustingimustega saab tutvuda ning avaldust esitada siin

. Tarbijavaidluste komisjoni pädevuses on lahendada kliendi ja TalTech Mektory e-poe vahel sõlmitud lepingust tulenevaid vaidlusi. Kliendi kaebuse läbivaatamine komisjonis on tasuta. Eraisikust klient võib pöörduda ka Euroopa Liidu tarbijavaidlusi lahendava platvormi poole