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Tea - Mente et Manu, 45g

Tea - Mente et Manu, 45g

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Mente et Manu – with mind and hand is the motto of the Tallinn University of Technology. It is also the name of the highest reward given by the university, which is given to an exceptional person that has provided the university or the entire Estonian state with outstanding merit in furthering education, research and culture. The Mente et Manu tea is classical and dignified.
Ingredients: sorb-apple, apple pieces, rosehip berry, black currant, dark raisin, hibiscus blossom, lemongrass, cornflower blossom, sunflower blossom.

Net weight: 45 grams
Preparation: 2 tsp/200 ml/8-10 min/90C
Best before: see packaging. Producer: Kubja Ürt OÜ