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Tea - Dawn and Dusk, 25g

Tea - Dawn and Dusk, 25g

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Koit (Dawn) and Hämarik (Dusk) are the names of the TalTech student satellites, which stem from the Nordic Dawn and Dusk love story, in which the Grandfather entrusts Dusk with the extinguishing of the setting sun and Dawn with lighting the light source of the sun. Only on one night of the year do Dusk and Dawn meet, giving the light source from hand to hand. If you want to feel yourself to be a small particle of the great universe then this tea will let your mind wander off onto cosmic paths…
Ingredients: black tea, marigold blossom, Moldavian dragonhead herb and blossom, fireweed, dewberry leaf, liquorice and chicory roots, ginger, rose petal, cardamom, cinnamon bark, clove, cornflower blossom
Net weight: 25 grams
Preparation: 1.5 tsp/200 ml/5-8 min/90C

Best before: see packaging. Producer: Kubja Ürt OÜ